The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.
Gertrude Jekyll

I love to garden and if you could actually hear me say it, you would hear and feel the passion that I have! What’s more rewarding for me besides giving birth is to plant a seed and watch it grow and yield fruit. It’s also rewarding to buy small plants and see them mature.

Going to the garden center in the spring is so breathtaking my heart literally skips a beat. I have such a weakness for flowers, every year I’ll say, “I will not be buying flowers next year” and when the next year comes around…guess what…I buy. Oh well, what can I say, when you have a passion for gardening you can’t help yourself, any promises that I made are forgotten.

I’m so excited, some of the plants we sowed from seeds have fruited. This past winter my dear husband built me a greenhouse and we had the opportunity to plant our tomato, cucumber, spinach, squash and bell pepper seeds ahead of time. The greenhouse he built was a little bit big for where we live, bless his sweet little heart, but I appreciate the love and effort in him building it for me.

Gardening is not an easy hobby but, it is enjoyable, relaxing, and so rewarding. So if you ever decide to take it upon yourself to sow a few seeds; I hope you get the love of gardening and join me in being a caretaker of God’s creation.

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