Everyone needs help in storage and organization.  I’m always thinking of how to organize and store something whether it is something as small as pencils or large as blankets. I’ve collected these wonderful ideas that I pinned from Pinterest. I hope that these ideas can inspire us to become more creative in organizing around the house. Everyone need some organization in there life. storage

1. I love how they build the shelves on the door for extra storage. Keeping the clutter out of the bathroom.



2. Now, how cute is this! This is perfect for the kitchen that doesn’t have much space.



3. Great idea and it’s cheap! There are times when I’m not ready to go to bed and I need a small blanket to cover me while I take a little nap. This is convenient and also a perfect place to store blankets.



4. Doors are not only for closing, they are great for storage.



5. I need to grab some old cake pans from the thrift store and do this project. This would be great in my studio for all the little small things.



Check out the storage at Cynthia’s Craftroom

6.A wonderful way to organize and showcase your beautiful washi tape or ribbons, in this lovely straw container!



7. Don’t you get tired of unraveling those cords? We live in the electronic age and we use more cords than ever before. Waiting on the day when every electronic device is cordless. But until then, I need somewhere to store them; and this is a cute, cheap way to do it.



8. Don’t you hate it when you open your kitchen draw and your cookie cutters are all over the place. Well here is a solution to that problem, using an inexpensive paper towel holder for your cookie cutters.



9. I am defiantly going to do this! I have wrapping paper scroll all over my closet. I don’t want to store it away in a box. This method can keep it confined in one place and easy to access.



10. I save my oatmeal boxes. This is a great and creative way to hide two rolls of tissue in the bathroom. Just decoupage the box and paint the top.

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