The weather has been so finicky here in Dallas. So I decided to bring a little spring in the house by planting succulents. It will be cold one day and hot the next or hot one day and when the sun goes down, it’s cold again. I’m seeing the trees and flowers starting to bud and I would love to plant my seeds or seedlings but I fear  the cold weather may kill my baby plants. So, this year I think I will just wait a little while longer and get a late harvest. Smh…as I was working on this blog….I get a tweet notification from Oprah Winfrey, showing off her first harvest of the year!

Oh well, patience posses ye your soul ~Luke 21:19~  So I will patiently wait on my harvest; but those strawberries look delicious! I’m not hating!

My barren garden waiting for life.

To feel that Spring has arrived, I planted some succulents yesterday. I bought this awesome glass container and created a couple of containers to put the succulents in.

“No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow” Proverbs

For my first pot I use this cream cheese container and crocheted what some call a “cozy” for it. I used 4ply cotton yarn and twine for the stripe and sewed a fleur de lis button for an accent. I sprayed the container with a buttermilk color spray to tone down the white.

succulents20 copy

I put rocks in the bottom of the container before putting the dirt in for water drainage. The dirt is a mixture of potting soil and sand. After placing the succulents in the container, I topped it with some small rocks that I found at the thrift store.

succulents9 succulents8Oh how beautiful, If I didn’t give out my secret…you would never know that I used a plastic container to create this beauty. succulents2
I made two of them and I placed them in my kitchen windowsill…so pretty!

Here is the container that I bought at JoAnn’s Fabric so adorable. It can also be purchased at Amazon.
I just love this little hanging glass plant container. I hung it in my craft room so cute!

Well, I may not have a harvest like Oprah Winfrey right now, but, I feel the joy of Spring in my heart…waiting for my harvest!

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