Went to the fabric store the other day and while browsing around I saw these cute decorative straight pins…looked at the price and said to myself  “nope, can’t do it! but can create some diy decorative pins”.  The price was a little to rich for me (and you only get about 6 pins!).  I turned around and saw these cute little buttons and said to myself  “I can turn these into decorative straight pins” and so I did. I bought the buttons and a package of straight pins, and this is what I came up with (and I think mine are cuter).

Cynthia Banessa

The cutest (small plastic buttons) buttons you can find
straight pins
wire cutter
wire pliers for holding the pin
…and patience

Find the cutest plastic button you can find…make sure they are small.

You will need a lighter, pliers, wire cutter and straight pins.

Cut off the loop from the back of the button. Next cut the head off of the straight pin. Note: not necessary, but having the head off makes it a little easier to insert in button.

Hold the pin with pliers and burn the head with the lighter until you see it turn red.

As quick as possible before pin cools, insert hot pin at the base of the button. Loving the cupcake pins!

Ta-dah!!! Now you have  the cutest decorative straight pins to add to your sewing supplies. The spools of thread and scissors are so adorable!

Love the little butterflies…aren’t they cute?

Oh, how do you like the pin cushion?

That’s another post. ~Happy Fingers~

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