Oh my goodness, I have Spring fever! Haven’t you had enough of this cold and blistery winter? I have! The time has come for me to prepare for Spring…yes, even while the temperature is below 50 degrees. So if you want to join me get your pad and pencil ready and your researching shoes on! Let’s head over to, to plan our planting bonanza this Spring.

I’ve moved into a new home and I have so much to do in making this landscape like I want it. At my prior home I had 14 garden spaces and over 100 varieties of plants…a little sadden about leaving them; but I’m looking forward to adding color on this new canvas! This year I decided to have at least one drought tolerant garden, and over time turning most of my gardens to drought tolerant. I realize that having drought tolerant can save on water and most of all can be beautiful also!

So yesterday in the chill and the rain I went shopping for some plants. To my amazement, I wasn’t the only smart one shopping! It was quite a few true gardeners out and about shopping for plants. I’ve never focused on having a water-wise garden before, but this year I will give it a try. After contemplating on which water-wise plant to buy; I decided to get 2 beautiful Yellow Yucca plants by Monrovia!

The reason I chose this beautiful succulent by Monrovia is because they produce long stalks with gorgeous yellow flowers (and boy do I love flowers). I also wanted to make sure there was color involved in my new quest of a drought tolerant garden. Many individuals are under the assumption that if they create a drought tolerant garden they will also loose their color pallet. SO NOT TRUE!
There are a plethora of water-wise plants with beautiful foliage and flowers.

The foliage on the Yucca I picked out from Monrovia will reach to heights as tall as 2 to 3 ft with the flower stalks reaching up to 4 to 6ft, a great attraction for hummingbirds!
At my other home I had a variety of flowers that attracted hummingbirds and I definitely want to attract hummingbirds in my new garden. What is a garden without chirping birds and hummingbirds fluttering about?


The rain has continued from yesterday here in the Texas area, and as soon as the rain stops and the ground drys, you betcha’ bottom dollar you will see me getting “downright dirty”! So stay tune, there is more to come!

As I was walking out of the nursery I captured a picture of these beautiful Forsythias from Monrovia, which is by the way a water-wise plant.

Gardening can be quite easy, if you follow a few basic principles. And Monrovia is here to help with healthy plants growing tips.
Monrovia brand plants are available at local garden centers and Lowe’s home centers across the country.


Thanks to Monrovia for sponsoring today’s post. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.
Check-out all the varities of water-wise, drought-tolerant plants at

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