Today, I’m starting a series called Wednesdays Tip! I want to share with you tips that can better your life. I will be featuring tips for crafting, cooking, and gardening. My first is Wednesdays Tip – Keurig Cup Hack.

Buying k-cups can become very expensive. It’s a little cheaper to buy a can of ground coffee and a reusable k-cup filter.

The problem sometimes when you buy reusable k-cup filters and try to use them in your Keurig, you may get this message.

Wednesdays Tip - Keurig Cup Hack

To get rid of this message, you will need to save a few used k-cups.
The Keurig is designed to read the label on the cups. Some of the reusable cups don’t have any wording for the Keurig to read to make it work properly.

Here is my reusable cup inserted in the Keurig. Using it this way, I will get that error message.

Wednesdays Tip - Keurig Cup Hack

What you need to do – Wednesdays Tip – Keurig Cup Hack:

You will need to cut all the tops off of the used k-cups using a tiny pair of scissors or a Xacto knife.

Below I’m using a Xacto knife and a pair of scissor to cut the top. Use the one you are most comfortable using.
Wednesdays Tip - Keurig Cup Hack

Cut as close as possible to the top.
Wednesdays Tip - Keurig Cup Hack

The k-cup top is cut and placed on top of the reusable filter. Push through the hole of the k-cup top to fit the hole of the filter.
Wednesday's Tip - Keurig Cup Hack

In conclusion,  one top can make many cups of coffee. This batch of k-cup tops can last a long time.
Wednesdays Tip - Keurig Cup Hack

Now you are ready to make that cup of coffee, without an error message, using the coffee filter!
Wednesday's Tip - Keurig Cup Hack

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