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Hello, everyone! Today is Wednesday’s Tip day. I want to share with you a storage tip.  I came up with this Lazy Susan Craft Supply Storage because I needed something to store my art pens. Calligraphy is trending, and you want to try out every pen, brush marker, oblique pens, etc. that you can get your hands on; before you know it, these pens and brushes need something to store them in. I’m always looking for ways to store my art supplies. Creating this lazy susan storage tray is perfect for my pens, markers and other art supplies. I love it!

You will need: (click on link to check prices)

lazy susan hardware
round serving tray

Instructions on Lazy Susan Craft Supply Storage

This round serving tray was perfect for what I needed to make this lazy susan!

Lazy Susan Craft Supply Storage

What’s so great about this project is that there is no screwing or hammering. All you need to do is center the lazy susan hardware on the bottom of the tray, use the holes in the corner as a guide to mark the center, glue the bottom of the device and place it on the of the tray. Place tape at each corner until the glue is dry. (you can leave the adhesive, even after the glue has dried). Add the pads on each corner of the hardware to protect your furniture.

Lazy Susan Craft Supply Storage

Depending on the size of the tray is how many tin buckets you will need to hold your supplies.

Lazy Susan Craft Supply Storage

Seven of the buckets fit my serving tray just right. I couldn’t fit everything, so I put what I use the most in the buckets.

Lazy Susan Craft Supply Storage

I keep glitter pens, measuring tools, paint brushes, scissors, glue sticks, and markers in my lazy susan.

Lazy Susan Craft Supply Storage

Here is a short video with the lazy susan in action. I placed it on a shelf to the right of where I sit when crafting.

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