Here is a unique and simple way to get the effect of a tapestry without the expense. I bought my canvas and metal curtain tiebacks at Garden Ridge. You can find the dowels and hardware at any local hardware or craft store. To top it off, I placed a wrought iron hanging above it. I love the effect of how the canvas hangs from the dowel, so unique.
light weight picture canvas (my canvas is 40 x 30 inches)
set of metal curtain tiebacks
dowel (as long as the canvas)
wooden or metal finials (I used wooden finials)
hook and eye

drill a pilot hole in both the dowel and canvas to screw in the metal hooks and eyes, and the finials on each end of the dowel
mount the metal tiebacks on the wall to hang the dowel, place dowel on tiebacks and hook canvas to dowel as shown
for extra decor I added a pair fringe curtain tiebacks on each end of the dowel
place a decorative wrought iron hanging of your choice above it (optional)

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